My First ITP Test

On Decemter, 16, 2010 I’ve contacted by Mr. Wajiran who told me that my name is involved as one of participant for the ITP TOEFL test. The test was on December, 17, 2010. Of course I’m really upset to heard his announcement. Because I really didn’t have any plan to take an ITP test. I’ve my own plan to take a test after take my english course first.

But, I think why I did’nt try it first. It’ll be useful for me to understand how high is my ITP score. At 8 AM on Dec, 17, 2010 the test is begun. Actually, I was really tired and little sleepy because I’ve many activities to do. Consequently, I did not on my best performed at this test. For example, I can’t be focus at the listening test section and also the reading test section.

Finally, on Dec 29, 2010, Mr. Dwi Santoto told me that my ITP score test is 480. I am not sad or shocked, even I’m little bit happy, because this score meant that my TOEFL score is higher than the last score test I’ve taken at Pusat Bahasa UGM before my Master graduation.

Based on the last score I will improve my english skill harder. As my friend Mr. Andri Setiawan said to me: you must learn really harder if you want to raise your TOEFL score from 400’s to 500’s. But, if your score are 500’s you’ll be easier to raise it up to 570 or even 600.

Now, I’m following in intensive english course. In a few days later, I’ll take an ITP test again. Because Pusat Bahasa UAD has invite me to take the test. Insya allah in this test I am very sure to achieve 500’s.

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