How to Improve My Speaking Skill?

If your daily conversation is not using english as the main language, it will very hard to become speaking english fluently. Because, speaking skill is need to practice frequently and then become your new habit.

I have been facing the new situation too. I’ve tried and looking for the environment which support me to form my speaking habit. Finally, I decided to took up an english course that contains conversation/speaking study on the middle of this December 2010. This course is held everyday except Sunday. Each class takes 90 minutes long.

But, I felt this course still not quite long. So, I must looking for another way to increase my speaking time in everyday. Suddenly, I’ve got a good idea. Why I did’nt try to use english in my lecture? I think this way will be very helpful. Because, I have three class in a week. Each class takes 90 minutes. If I calculated, 90 minutes x 9 times = 810 minutes/13,5 hours a week. Doesn’t it great?

I started my english class in last week of December 2010. Actually, it didn’t full of english, I am still using Bahasa Indonesia to make a clear explanation. At the beginning, I guessed that my student will get in trouble to understanding my explanation in english. Surprisingly, it didn’t happened. Moreover, they felt comfort and looks like more enthusiastic than before.

I’m very happy with the condusive environment. I did my job as usual, at the same time I can improve my speaking skill.

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Satu Balasan ke How to Improve My Speaking Skill?

  1. Krisna Shop berkata:

    hey nice way to teach your student’s 😛
    things can be much more simple in english :mrgreen:

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