Journey to The PhD

I’ve a tidal spirit to pursue my PhD. At the beginning as an undergraduate student, I’ve a strong ambition to achieve my academic level until PhD. But, when I was a lecturer, and also an entrepreneur at the same time. I’ve lost my PhD ambition. I just thingking just achieve as a Master will be the best and peak of academic degree. Because I want to focus at my business.

But, suddently the ambition is appeared again. It just happened when Mr. Dwi Santoso invited me to attended the scholarship socialization meeting held by Dikti at my campus. Actually I’ve no intention to attend. But for the appreciate reason, I went to that meeting.

After the clear explanation by Dikti ambassador, observed and realized that how serious our university to endorse and encourage it’s lecturer to pursue master and PhD abroad. I think as a good lecturer I must welcome this encouragement.

Finally, after deep contemplation I decided that I have to weak up and fight to pursue my PhD abroad!

Now, here is my lovely journey to be a PhD. You’ll be the witness from this struggle, start from the preparation for enroll or admission to the PhD programme until the graduate ceremony. Insya allah….


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