Petunjuk Menikmati Hidup dan Pekerjaan [Buku]

Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya telah menyelesaikan membaca sebuah buku bagus berjudul seperti judul pos ini dengan penulis legendaris Dale Carnegie. Buku ini dibagi menjadi empat bagian utama yaitu (1) Tujuh cara memperoleh kedamaian dan kebahagiaan, (2) Teknik-teknik dasar dalam menghadapi orang, (3) Cara Menarik Kawan Pada Cara Berpikir Anda dan (4) Cara Mengubah Orang Tanpa Menimbulkan Perlawanan atau Sakit Hati. Berikut daftar isinya:

Bagian I: Tujuh Cara Memperoleh Kedamaian dan Kebahagiaan

  1. Temukan jati diri Anda dan jadilah diri Anda sendiri: Ingat, di dunia ini tidak ada orang lain yang seperti Anda.
  2. Empat kebiasaan kerja yang akan melenyapkan kelelahan dan kecemasan
  3. Penyebab kekalahan Anda dan cara mengatasinya
  4. Cara menghapus kebosanan yang menyebabkan kelelahan, kecemasan dan perasaan kesal
  5. Apakah Anda mensyukuri apa yang Anda miliki?
  6. Ingat, orang tidak akan menendang mereka yang berkedudukan di bawah
  7. Lakukanlah ini maka Anda akan kebal kritik

Bagian II: Teknik-Teknik Dasar Dalam Menghadapi Orang

  1. “Jangan mengaduk-aduk sarang lebah kalau Anda tidak ingin mengambil madu”
  2. Rahasia besar keberhasilan menangani orang
  3. Yang dapat melakukan hal ini akan memperoleh segala-galanya. Yang tidak dapat melakukannya akan merana sendirian
  4. Lakukanlah ini maka Anda akan diterima di mana-mana
  5. Teknik agar Anda segera disukai orang

Bagian III: Cara Menarik Kawan Pada Cara Berpikir Anda

  1. Cara mencari musuh yang pasti berhasil dan cara menghindarinya
  2. Jalan mulus ke arah penalaran
  3. Rahasia Socrates
  4. Bagaimana memperoleh kerja sama
  5. Ajakan yang disukai setiap orang

Bagian IV: Cara Mengubah Orang Tanpa Menimbulkan Perlawanan atau Sakit Hati

  1. Mengkritik yang tidak menimbulkan kebencian
  2. Kemukakan dulu kesalahan Anda sendiri
  3. Tidak ada orang yang senang diperintah
  4. Selamatkan muka orang lain
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How to Improve My Speaking Skill?

If your daily conversation is not using english as the main language, it will very hard to become speaking english fluently. Because, speaking skill is need to practice frequently and then become your new habit.

I have been facing the new situation too. I’ve tried and looking for the environment which support me to form my speaking habit. Finally, I decided to took up an english course that contains conversation/speaking study on the middle of this December 2010. This course is held everyday except Sunday. Each class takes 90 minutes long.

But, I felt this course still not quite long. So, I must looking for another way to increase my speaking time in everyday. Suddenly, I’ve got a good idea. Why I did’nt try to use english in my lecture? I think this way will be very helpful. Because, I have three class in a week. Each class takes 90 minutes. If I calculated, 90 minutes x 9 times = 810 minutes/13,5 hours a week. Doesn’t it great?

I started my english class in last week of December 2010. Actually, it didn’t full of english, I am still using Bahasa Indonesia to make a clear explanation. At the beginning, I guessed that my student will get in trouble to understanding my explanation in english. Surprisingly, it didn’t happened. Moreover, they felt comfort and looks like more enthusiastic than before.

I’m very happy with the condusive environment. I did my job as usual, at the same time I can improve my speaking skill.

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Writing Test from Deakin University

Today, I was following a writing test which held by Pusat Pengembanganan Bahasa and UAD International Office. This test is based on Deakin University’s initiative.

When I saw the test question, I felt this is an IELTS like. I got a question on how my opinion  about the future of education. Will education uses computer based programs only? I must write my opinion more than 250 words, and I think I wrote more than 300 words.

I didn’t know what is the test for? Maybe it will be the ticket to apply to Deakin University or maybe for another needs. I just do my best to answer the questions.

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My First ITP Test

On Decemter, 16, 2010 I’ve contacted by Mr. Wajiran who told me that my name is involved as one of participant for the ITP TOEFL test. The test was on December, 17, 2010. Of course I’m really upset to heard his announcement. Because I really didn’t have any plan to take an ITP test. I’ve my own plan to take a test after take my english course first.

But, I think why I did’nt try it first. It’ll be useful for me to understand how high is my ITP score. At 8 AM on Dec, 17, 2010 the test is begun. Actually, I was really tired and little sleepy because I’ve many activities to do. Consequently, I did not on my best performed at this test. For example, I can’t be focus at the listening test section and also the reading test section.

Finally, on Dec 29, 2010, Mr. Dwi Santoto told me that my ITP score test is 480. I am not sad or shocked, even I’m little bit happy, because this score meant that my TOEFL score is higher than the last score test I’ve taken at Pusat Bahasa UGM before my Master graduation.

Based on the last score I will improve my english skill harder. As my friend Mr. Andri Setiawan said to me: you must learn really harder if you want to raise your TOEFL score from 400’s to 500’s. But, if your score are 500’s you’ll be easier to raise it up to 570 or even 600.

Now, I’m following in intensive english course. In a few days later, I’ll take an ITP test again. Because Pusat Bahasa UAD has invite me to take the test. Insya allah in this test I am very sure to achieve 500’s.

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Looking For the Supervisor

One of important person who will help you to be a PhD is a supervisor. Supervisor will guide you along your PhD study. Therefore, since December 2010 I am looking for a supervisor. I’ve searched the supervisor through Internet. They are coming from many universities in many countries such as Australia, UK and USA.

I’ve sent emails to those supervisor. There are some of them who reply my email and others don’t. Almost all of them is interested in my research topic, and they asked for me to wrote the mini research proposal.

Consequently, now I am in progress to writing the proposal they asking for. Whoever one of them is accepted my proposal I’ll be welcome to choose his/her as my supervisor.

Who will mate with me as my supervisor? Let us see together….

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Misperception of PhD and Professor Title

Sometimes, there are misperceptions when people use academic title in their daily life. For example, many of us are still confusing whether a title of Professor is an academic title or title for job position. I’m sure almost all of us think that Professor is the highest level of an academic title after the PhD. In fact that is absolutely wrong.
In Indonesian academic rule, Professor is not an academic title. It’s just a title for job position or the highest job position in academic institution as well as university or college. Whereas, the doctor or PhD is the highest academic title.
Beside that, the professor title is only allowed for who is not retired yet.  So, if one of the professor is not active anymore as an academic job, he/she have to discharge the title.
Different from professor, the PhD title is able to use forever, even he/she has retired or pass away.

Writing The Title
Many people are also confuse and even misuse when they are writing academic title or job title. We often write the complete title between the name start from BSc, Master and until PhD title. For instance, we usually read the long title written like this: Prof. Ir. XXX XXX XXX, M.Sc., Ph.D. It should be written as: Prof. XXX XXX XXX, Ph.D. It’s mean that you must write only the highest academic title.

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Come Back Again

Hello dear, I know this blog has moved to another place. But, fortunately I still have one mission for using this blog again. I want to use this blog to practicing my english writing skill. Ok now, start today insya allah you’ll able to read my paltry post in english. It’ll contain small piece of my daily opinion and thought.

See you tomorrow…

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